Tuesday, January 18

deifheid delights

For the last few deifheid dinner invites I've been tragically unable to attend, but I could see this time I was going to have to make an appearance.

It wasn't actually as bad as usual. There were a number of reasons for this.

For one thing, they had an extra dog there, a real live-wire border collie, desperate to play, so I was able to spend a lot of the time in the garden with some decent animal company.

I took along half a dozen home brews but drank the expensive stuff that was offered. Never drink your own carry-out. I learned that trick from a Duneditin delegate.

After one of their designer beers I moved on to a sparkling Shiraz, which is a downmarket drop but I loved it.

The heid deifheid must have been spoken to, because he made a big effort to be less boorish than usual. And for my part I resisted the urge to disappear under the table.

His partner seems to have grown out of her taste-free cuisine, and the food was magnificent, culminating in a dessert frenzy of home-made ice cream and home made Xmas cake.

When it was time to leave I didn't have to fake my gratitude.

Of course overall it was a waste of an evening, but the good thing is, I won't have to go again for a while, now that I've done my bit.

PS - Here's a photo of Albert enjoying a teetotal social event.


  1. Albert? Well done! Drinking yourself into a stupor is the only way to handle socialising!! Hotboy

  2. I say!

    One would expect that, given time and obviously a great deal of counselling, Albert might one day be able to face other participants at social events.

    MM III

  3. I say!

    I must tell you about my dream last night.

    Hotters, Robbo and Menzies had gone camping. When they arrived at the campsite, Hotters took one look at the gathering rain clouds and refused to get out of the car.

    Robbo pitched his tent, but he'd forgotten to bring enough pegs and supports, and his tent sagged in the middle.

    Menzies erected his tent so superbly that it could withstand a force ten gale.

    It started to rain extremely heavily. Soon, Robbo's tent collapsed, and he joined Hotters in the car.

    Menzies' tent floated away in the ensuing flood, until it reached a small deserted island made out of gold.

    Meanwhile, Hotters and Robbo drowned in the car.

    Perhaps you could ask Doc Bob what it means.

    MM III

  4. Mingin'! The dream means you've got far too much money and should be giving some of it to me!! Hotboy

  5. Hotters. Imagine a parallel universe, where all dinner party guests sit there meditating.

    Mingers. Doc Bob can't be accurate without knowing whether the carry-out was in the car or the tent. And it would make a difference if the dream took place in Australia.

  6. I say!

    If Hotters was in the car, then one can assume that the carry-out was also in the car. The dream took place in Wales.

    Last night's dream was vaguely similar.

    Menzies, Hotters and Robbo had all just started work in a large library in the middle of Zaire. I think the library had been set up by Mobutu.

    It was the first day of work for all three.

    Robbo was sent to do information skills training sessions.

    Hotters was sent to catalogue books in the cataloguing department where a dozen African mamas worked.

    Menzies was sent to the bookstacks where he was told to verify, by turning each page in turn of all the books, that all the paginations of all the books were correct.

    Menzies calculated that it would take him 250 years to reach the end of the bookstack.

    Whilst Menzies was flicking through book pages, someone came up to him and asked him where the toilets were. He had to answer that it was his first day in the library, and he didn't know the answer.

    At the end of the day, Menzies, Hotters and Robbo met up in the common room to discuss how their new jobs were going.

    Robbo said "I think I'm getting better at information skills training. In the last sesssion, there was at least one student who was not fast asleep"

    Hottters said "Ten of the wummen in the Cataloguing Department want to have my babies"

    Menzies said "Where are the toilets, anyway?"

    MM III

  7. Mingers. Doc Bob advises trying to find the toilets in the next dream, and report back for a definitive diagnosis.

  8. Mingin'! What happened to the other two? I got lost in Stenhouse and couldn't get back to the city in my dream last night. I don't know where Stenhouse is so it makes some kind of sense. Hotboy

  9. Hotters, maybe you were actually in Stonehouse.

  10. Albert? I found out where it is right now. It's near the Gorgie Road. I must go through it sometimes to get to the jobbie. Hotboy

  11. I find most parts of Edinburgh are best seen from the bus.