Sunday, October 9

3 hours out of your life

Last night we had to go for a restaurant dinner. Thankfully, it was with only one other couple, and they're not deifheids at all, lovely people really. But it was three hours crammed in a noisy environment, where everyone's shouting while cupping their hands to hear better.

And when each course arrives, people ooh and ahh theatrically, as if you've just given them socks as a christmas present.

To me, restaurants and cinemas are only bearable when they're nearly empty, and when you can leave after an hour and a half.

After 3 hours sitting in the same seat, you end up despising the world and everyone in it. But at least you know it's going to end eventually. Imagine the poor criminals in prison 24/7! No wonder they go mad and stab each other to get some peace and quiet in solitary.

Last night I tried the hotboy technique of getting drunk to make it slightly less awful. But then you wake with a sore heid at 3 a.m, and blog about it on the phone. Dearie me! But I've downloaded the new hotboy ebook, also on the phone, and I must admit I'm enjoying it a lot. So I might sign off now and get back to the book, or maybe read some blogs.


  1. Albert? Last time I was in a restaurant - Monday night, the guy took me on a freebie, no one in the place it being Monday night. Awful. Got drunk, didn't help. Which book did you download? It's not showing on the stats. Hotboy

  2. Hotters. Cyclists. It's very good. Make sure they cough up your cut.

  3. Three hours for a meal is much too long. I've given up on the cinema totally. I refuse to pay such a high price to watch half an hour of commercials before a movie. That is just rude.

    Easier to cook a meal and invite folks in.

  4. Nanners. Plus there's the rustling of sweetie papers, and people checking their phones during the film.

  5. I say!

    When Doviko serves up something special, I say to him "Well done". I certainly don't ooh and ahh.

    Oohs and ahhs have their place - in the bedroom.

    MM III