Wednesday, October 12


Albert's got a hole in his head. I'd better explain.

This is what an electric hair clipper looks like with the comb attachment fitted:

But when someone forgets to fit the attachment, it becomes a shaver.

I'm not at liberty to tell you whose fault it is, so I'll just say this: never mix a domestic argument with a home haircut.

I suggested he could make the best of a bad job, and shave it all off, but for some reason he doesn't want to look like a complete blissheid.


  1. I say!

    Looks like a spayed cat!

    MM III

  2. Mingers. Some cats got it ...

  3. One thing I've learned about any hair disaster is that it will grow out.

    My sister is a hair dresser and she says the difference between a bad hair cut and a good one is two week.

    Always a good idea to talk nice to the person cutting your hair.

  4. Albert? I'm surprised you haven't shaved your head. It could lead to you having a quiet time and stop all these awful folk you know bothering you. Conversational gambit: Why did you get that done to your head? Nits.Hotboy p.s. Hope this helps.

  5. Albert? I've just looked up what a spayed cat is. Hmmm? Get a cat. You can do that before you shoot it. Then stuff it and sit it on the mantelpiece. Then you can crow, crow, crow over it ... some cats got it, and some cats aint! Hope this helps with the cannibalism. Hotboy

  6. My life is ruined by having my name stuck on these things. I'd delete it all, but I'd rather watch the telly now. Bugger it! It wisny me, it was the drink, Lordy, Lordy! Hotboy p.s. BTW how is Dances With Men Now getting on? He looked terrible in that photie you showed. I wouldn't dance with him even if he was wearing a tutu! How does he pull them? Blind clubs?

  7. Hotters. DWMN is coming here at Xmas. I should be away visiting the mother outlaw, otherwise I could hook you up for a date.