Tuesday, October 4

hols again

(written last week before rain stopped play and Albert retired hurt, and we all aged another week)

I've got a fortnight off now. An hour's weeding each day should clear them all. With headphones and an audiobook or podcast, I actually enjoy weeding.

Swam twice - slightly shorter distances but faster than ever since I worked out how to get more oxygen with each breath. The pulse reaches 120, and my heart occasionally goes spastic for a second or two. I'd get it checked out, but I'm hardly in a high risk group.

Reading: short stories by Alexei Sayle. Diary Of A Madman by Gogol. When I first read it decades ago, it seemed an accurate portrayal of insanity. This time round, it's like any day in the life of Albert. I started Will Self's Liver, but gave up on it - like a smart alec Martin Amis, but too grotesque and too clever for me.

Videos. While on the treadmill with light dumbells, I've indulged myself with The Thick Of It, and e.g. The Pink Floyd Story.


  1. Sounds like a productive time.

    I'm packing boxes and dealing with chaos.

    Same ole, same ole.

  2. http://www.amazon.co.uk/TheBlissBook-ebook/dp/B005RPH1DW/ref=sr_1_1?s=digital-text&ie=UTF8&qid=1317719277&sr=1-1
    Only book worth reading right now!! Hotboy

  3. I say!

    On the treadmill - is it not possible to watch the cricket?

    MM III

  4. Nanners. Don't let your old man overdo the lifting. And take care of yourself while you're at it.

    Hotters. If only I had a hut manager to paste that link somewhere for me. PS If you could make more of an effort uploading the Cyclists book, that might help. I feel it's going to outsell all your other books combined.

    Mingers. How would that help?