Thursday, October 20


I had to go away to a hotel for the weekend, for the cellmate's birthday. I behaved myself, except for a few bedroom beers - a whole bottle and a half on Saturday night, and I finished the second one in the morning.

My companion was at her best. I don't have her permission to publish any details, but here's a disguised image at the seaside cafe breakfast.


She ordered some kind of seafood creation, and I read the paper.

One good thing about going away is the coming back home. Even going back to work on Monday is good, especially when you know you've got Tuesdays off. And Thursdays. And Wednesday mornings. Hurray for the ebb and flow in the job.

Then next weekend there's an invitation to dinner at the complete and utter deifheids' place, to hear ad nauseam about their 6 week euro tour. The pretext for the invite is a belated celebration of the cellmate's birthday, but I reckon if they chose to be overseas at birthday time, that's their loss. I'm too old now to waste a single evening, so I've told them to go ahead without me. Last weekend I was on birthday duty, now it's their turn. Of course now I feel a bit mean, and it'll be a shame not to see the female deifheid, who's a sweetie and only deif by association.

PS - newcomers to the concept of the deifheid may wish to consult the Taxonomy Of Deifheidism.


  1. Glad you gave your cellmate a weekend away.

    I can understand wanting to stay away from folks sometimes. I tend to be a bit of a hermit myself.

    It is good to be mindful of your cellmate's feelings.

  2. I say!

    It's bad form to read The Times in a restaurant. Even the county scores.

    MM III