Wednesday, October 5

another walk

Did a three hour walk on Saturday, all the way round a lake. Even though there were only few points where the lake was visible from the track, what I enjoyed was the variation of scenery along the way. You know (or maybe East coasters don't) how they say Arran is all Scotland in miniature? Well this was almost every kind of New South Caledonian terrain compressed into 9 kilometers. By the time I realized I could take photographs as proof, the walk was nearly over.

Unlike most national parkland here, where dogs are banned because they eat the indigenous wildlife, this one allowed dogs. The bloghound would have loved it.


  1. I love Arran it is where we spent the weekend after our wedding. It is a beautiful place.

    Glad you had a good walk. I am looking forward to getting back to an area I can walk in trees.

    I grew up in Oregon and miss real trees.

  2. Nanners. Pity the tree that tries to live on Skye. PS Hendrix was from Oregon, it must be a great place.

  3. On Skye the wind eats the trees.

    Oregon is very beautiful. Ocean, mountains, desert, a little something for most anyone.

  4. I say!

    As you swung through the NSC jungle, did you sing this song to yourself?

    MM III

  5. Albert? I didn't know they had meerkats in yon desert where you live. That's a big one got hold of yon wummin! Hotboy

  6. Mingers. Thanks for helping.

    Hotters. The spring is their mating season.

  7. Mingers. In the forlorn hope it might be a non-Brian link, I followed it.

  8. Albert? What was it a link to then? Surely not another Brian link?! Hotboy