Saturday, October 22

friday night

When summer hits these shores, air conditioning systems take a few days to catch up. After working all yesterday in a boiling building, I had to go to a stifling theatre at night. Sitting bolt upright to keep the back in tune, I blocked the view of the folk behind, but maybe they enjoyed puzzling over the lumps out of my head.

It was an Australian play, apparently an old classic. What can I tell you? I didn't pay for my ticket. And there were two intervals. I stayed on in the bar after the first interval.

An empty theatre bar during a performance is a spiritless place, but at least you can enjoy the private soap opera between the bar staff. I found a table under a fan, and read The Independent on the phone. After finishing my beer I started on someone else's half-empty bottle. In the tropics you need to keep up your fluids. At the second interval, our little group emerged wilting and sweating.

I went back in for the third act, and was able to pick up the story perfectly. Is that the mark of a good play perhaps? This time I stood at the back, by the draught of an open door.

Today we're going to do a repeat of the recent 3 hour walk round the lake, and this time I'll remember to take photos. Now to fuel up on carbs and black tea. Things are looking up. Tonight's the night I don't have to go for dinner at the deifheid place.


  1. I say!

    I remember the last time I saw Ken Kesey perform. It was at the Queens Hall. Lousy acoustics, that place. He was performing with Ken Babbbs, etc.

    I had a dreadful seat, up the back.

    Actually, possibly that was the seat I had for Little Feat, in the same venue.


    In fact, the seat at the back was the one I had for Canned Heat (remnants of), in the same venue.

    But my point is this. Once the interval happens, and one has struggled and queued to reach the front of the bar and one has been served...

    then it is difficult to leave that position. Is it not?

    I rest my case.

    MM III

  2. I say!

    Is Her Majesty intending to include New Caledonia on her current tour, or will you miss out on all the fun?

    I've invited her to Kalimbuka, more than once, but I think that my clout is somewhat reduced since the scandal, and all that stuff.

    MM III

  3. I think it is the mark of either a good or very boring play that you can miss the middle and still know what is going on.

    I've worked so many years back stage it is very novel to actually watch a show from somewhere besides the wings.

    Enjoy your walk.

  4. Mingers, taking a seat up the back must have been uncomfortable. Lizzie's bypassing NSC, probably wisely.

    Nanners. If you've worked in costumes in Scotland you might know a woman called Mary Jane.

  5. Albert? Mary Jane! Everybody knew her! Hotboy

  6. I've nae met her or if I have I've not remembered her name.

    Keep in mind I've been on the edge of the middle of nowhere for a long time.

  7. Hotters. Not in the biblical sense.

    Nanners. Haven't we all!