Monday, January 2

minor triumphs today

I repaired the washing machine by fitting a new drive belt. Something I've never done before and will probably never have to do again. Still, even if I could have got a tradesman to do the job on a public holiday, it would have cost a bit.

I updated the operating system in the phone without mishap. Well almost without mishap - of the hundreds of apps, the only one I lost was the app with all my new year resolutions in it. Quite convenient perhaps.

I found and drank a bottle of Batch Number 6 (a home brew lager I made nearly 7 years ago). A golden sparkling lager, and about 3% alcohol.

When I weed the garden, I like to put the weeds in a bucket and fill it with water. It slowly rots down into weed tea, for feeding to other plants. A month ago I spread the tea around the bottom of the garden. Today I noticed the ferns and the ginger were as tall as me, and the bamboo is up to the sky like a beanstalk.


  1. Albert? I could try that tea thing up the allotment this year! I'd need a bucket though ... oh well! Hotboy

  2. Well done on fixing the washing machine. So often small things can be pretty easy.

    Changing an OS is not without hazards, but it looks like you lost the thing you most needed to.

    The only time I use beer is to bake or cook with it. Never drink the stuff.

    Weed tea? Interesting form of composting.

    Hotboy, go down to the nearest pound shop and get a bucket.

  3. I say!

    This Hotline made me smile.

    MM III

  4. Hotters. I use plastic rubbish bins with lids, like the one I brewed buccleuch beer in.

    Nanners, exactly! They needed to be lost.

    Mingers. The cellmate tells me Aussie cricketers have just scored 200. Might as well be two million for all it means to me.

  5. I say!

    They are now 482.

    MM III