Tuesday, January 31


To a man with a hammer, everything begins to look like a nail. Since I started strengthening my grip with those coiled spring handles, everything suddenly looks like a neck to wring.

I've been banking on the return to work to bring back the joie de vivre, but I'm still waiting for it to kick in.

Even though I'm glad I stayed away from last weekend's deifheid barbie and babble, I didn't make good use of my freedom, and the evening felt wasted.

I swam yesterday in sunshine but took little pleasure in it.

The wasps have been stinging for 3 straight days. You can't blame them when the bonehead hacking at their tree just won't take the hint.

I stupidly popped a tooth out of its moorings. The one that was so laboriously root-canalised last year. Now I've to wait and see if it goes ballistic and has to be pulled.

Thanks to the marvellous bliss pills, I'm immune to low spirits. But there's more to optimism than just a lack of pessimism.

Next week the clients will come in, and things will take off. That's nice, but the day will come when I stop work for good, and what will I fall back on then? My one and a half friends (even less since the dog died)? I daresay I could keep busy in the garden and on the web, but there's something to be said for euthanasia.

Happily, these are only feelings, which will pass.

PS - I was simply tea-deprived since Monday. One cup later, and the world's pretty wonderful again. Muddah Faddah kindly disregard this letter.


  1. Albert? I just love not going to work even although I was only part time. I didn't realise how much I hated going to work till I stopped it. I've got too much to do to go to a jobbie! Hotboy

  2. Hotters, I think it'll be the same for me. In Embra when I jacked in the job and went on the dole for a year, I was the busiest I've ever been.

    A lot of people are the opposite, and go downhill without someone telling them what to do. It all balances up.

  3. I suspect how folks do on retirement has a lot to do with how they view work in regard to who they are.

    If work is their whole life, when it is gone they give up and die.

    But folks who just work to live, know there is more to life and enjoy it.

    ACK on the tooth. I hope that gets better.

    I often want to wring necks or pound on people/things and I'm never allowed tools.

  4. I say!

    Well done still having some teeth. Abdul still has three on top, and four on the bottom. Doesn't help that he chews sugar cane at night.

    MM III

  5. I say!

    Perhaps you should try this method.

    MM III

  6. Nanners. Do you at least get to use sharp needles for your black work?

    Mingers. I hope Abdul's teeth at least meet. PS lol at the video.