Sunday, April 5

albert's bats

Albert's fascinating wildlife pictures of a bat and two birds reveal that the skies are not always blue in his life, but there's always bliss pills.


  1. I say!

    I think the first snap may be a poly bag that's got caught in the wire. Happens often hereabouts - ever since they started to put milk in triangular blue bags.

    Are the bottom two kookaburras? Named after the ball, so they were.

    MM III

  2. Albert? Is that you? Posting photies of dead things? What? Wait till the winter hits you and you have to put on trousers! Hotboy

  3. Albert? Is it a code game? Why else whould you post such ridiculous photies? The batman is obviously you, blottered after being sneakily out on the wire. The two birds below are usually referred to a s***s, which is kind of overdoing it at your age. So is that what happened? Don't tell me you went partying with Dances With Men Now! Hotboy p.s. Hope this helps!

  4. mingers, would I be right in concluding that everything in the universe is based on cricket?

    hotters, it wisnae me, it wis albert. There's nothing dead in my trousers. PS my colleagues at the isntitute reckon your postmodern deconstruction was brilliant, now you're getting the hang of semiotics.