Wednesday, April 1

opportunity for gold diggers

In the course of my duties as hut manager for the guy who wrote Badboy Hotters and the Earthy Allotment, I was working on the publicity material for a new edition. I had a brilliant idea! We bury a box of gold somewhere in the allotment, and get the author to weave some clues into the text! The idea has been used before for a kids' book years ago, but this will bring the concept to a whole new audience.

Because I've never actually gained entry to the allotments, I haven't a clue where the book's action takes place. Can somebody tell me where to bury the gold?

Here's a picture of the allotment from the book cover.


  1. Albert? I think it's better if you send me the gold and I'll bury it and tell you where it is afterwards. The holy hut smack bang in the middle of the bottom half. Send me no cruise missles. Hotboy

  2. I say!

    The Street Level view is here.

    MM III

  3. it's got to be near the blue pool in the top leftish side.

    or that's where i'd go first at least.

    btw i LOVED that book when i was youthful.

  4. I say!

    I hope there's a guard at the pool. Don't want any accidents with children. What a great idea, though - pools at the allotment. Do they have jacuzzis too?

    MM III

  5. Hotters, I've scheduled the publication date for the start of the potato planting season. That way you get the ground dug for nothing.

    If my gold source hasn't been liquidated by that time, we bury a voucher entitling the finder to the gold when it becomes available.

    Mingers - until Google can organise an all-terrain camera vehicle to drive through the allotment, your link is most helpful.

    Keda, I mean keda, nice to see you. I never read that book myself, but I remember Vinnie's moll raving about it.

  6. Mingers - that narrows it down to about 20 huts.