Saturday, April 18

books, money, TV and sexual minorities

What a great thing is a library! I came back with a bagful of books including "Sex After 50". Also one by Elmore Leotard (on the sensei's recommendation) - the guy writes really readable stuff, a bit like Barry himself.

The old dear would never even touch a libary book, let alone read one. Instead, she buys books by the bucketful from a George Street shop, and then wonders why she has no money and has to scrounge off the pension fund. The fund manager just subbed her another 5000, saying that she was worried there would be nothing left for the deserving New South Caledonian people, for whom the loot was being held in trust. The old dear said "oh don't worry about them, they don't need it."

Some families are just ghastly.

We're the last people here in NSC to get an LCD TV (albeit almost the smallest size available). Trawlermen is on, the BBC series re Peterhead fishermen. Those mountainous waves remind me of my own time at sea (5 days on the Clyde in a puffer - smoking non-stop and drunk in a different town each night).

My old schoolmate and reformed dealer Phil is coming here again in July. I've sent him a link he might like. It's to a website run by a guy who was my brother's classmate, a lawyer who now does freebie work for persecuted minorities in Brazil. Compared to him, my life feels almost normal.


  1. Albert? Leotard is probably a friend of Dance With Men Now. Tell him I was asking for him. Has he got any hair left? Does he wear a wig? A jewel encrusted leotard? I'd like to know. Hotboy

  2. I say!

    Wonderful things, books. What would there be to read during the tea intervals, if it were not for books.

    MM III

  3. hotters - DWMN has a full head of hair, though chopped down to stubble like a young person. I once had all my hair.

    mingers - I have advised the Duneditin fund raisers to raffle copies of Are You Boys Cyclists. I'd buy a ticket.