Wednesday, April 1

best short story and prime dream

I posted recently about an Aussie short story collection that I've been reading. The best story I've read so far is called Queen of Love by Rosie Scott, and it's available online. You might like it.

On a possibly-related topic: I dreamt two nights ago that Denny was sleeping over at my place, even though I was already living with someone who was a mix of Mary Hopkin and my Bliss Partner. When Denny got drunk and obnoxious, she decided she was going to sleep in my parents' bed, between my father and mother.

I realised I'd have to dump Denny, and I spent the remainder of the dream trying to talk her into going back where she came from, before Mary/BP went ballistic.

Because she was so blootered, I had to help her to gather up her belongings, including a bright yellow $4 pair of swimming goggles, Elton John sized or Dame Edna perhaps. (Blissheids will say this proves I'm gay or transvestite, but it's all in their mind). Denny and I had apparently bought these together (in reality, when I knew her Denny used to be forever buying trinkets from Habitat and head shops).

When I told Doctor Robert, he reckioned the dream is positively primal. And that was without even seeing the post at the trouser blog.


  1. Albert? I never dumped anybody ever. You deserve all you get for being a hetero philanderer. You should the advice of He Who Dances With Men Now. That might help. Hotboy

  2. I say!

    Is Denny the possum, or did I lose the plot?

    MM III

  3. Why did I ever think that people might be presuaded to engage in discourse about the short story, or even the new trouser blog?

    Now I know how blissheids get so discouraged when nobody heeds their entreaties to bliss.

    Poor Denny deserves better.