Friday, April 24

stout sans pareil

I'm most happy to report that I have now sampled the first half of the extra bottle of Weihenstephaner Hefeweizen. I saved it for myself instead of sending it as a present to whatever his name is. Onan or Albie or Doctor Bob, it gets confusing when all your friends have birthdays at the same time. The verdict: fantastic! Possibly even as good as Erdinger. I didn't think I would ever say that, but it's true. After sinking a whole glass, I lay back to savour the joy coursing through the veins. This stuff should be illegal.

The guy in the beer shop offered a 10% discount if I bought the whole case, but that wouldn't help me get through the 200-odd bottles of Peerless lager, brown ale, canadian blonde, real ale and bitter under the house.

And the Peerless Stout that I brewed a couple of years ago has matured nicely in the meanwhile, and may get even better in the future, though of course there's no bliss effect in it. There's still about 50 bottles of that. For once, one of my investments has paid off.

I've just heard that DUNEDITIN this year is taking place on Skye, with a side trip to DUNVEGAN for blissheids trying to get back on to a meat diet.


  1. Albert? I'm moving onto white wine. Cheaper than three bottles of Erdinger. Also, Ernest Hemingway claimed you couldn't get drunk on it! Hotboy p.s. If you only weigh eight stone, you must get pissed just looking at real beer.

  2. hotters, I'm not sure proving ernie wrong will help, but if it's cheaper then that might help. I hope you'll blog the beer-wine equivalent ratios (effect and expense). I already know that one wine equals about 15 Peerless.