Thursday, January 14

more balance - toilet training and wine

Right after the outlaw flew out, the niece moved in. She's a definite improvement, in fact she's very like her uncle in many ways, just more mature. She's the most sensible person that's ever stayed here, aside from me perhaps.

When I was her age, I was an idiot. Why isn't she? Well she grew up without the Teutonic toilet training. That would help.

Of course, like all modern kids she grew up with the world waiting for her, with the result that they have no time management skills whatsoever. It all balances up.

A neighbour phoned the other day, with a computer panic. He's still running Windows 98 on a 12 year old PC. Compared to that, the guy with the hut is cutting-edge.

Anyway, I put the trousers on, and went and saw his PC. Luckily it was a simple thing to fix. Often with these old systems, you spend hours tinkering to no avail. He was so pleased, he forced a half-decent bottle of wine on me.

Yesterday I was on the training course again. At my age, this is probably the last time I'll ever be sent on a course, so I should make the most of it. I pigged out on free biscuits, and 6 cups of strong black tea to keep me awake. Disgraceful.

At home last night there were two bottles of white wine with the meal. A German Spatlese, too sweet. And a NZ Sauvignon, too acid. Well of course I mixed a tumbler full of perfect balance.

Today at the pool I only managed a kilometre. After a blissful siesta, I'm lying in bed with a Mozart symphony on the radio, a late one by the sound of it. What a fortunate creature I am, to be on holiday. When I go back to work, thanks to the new pay deal I'll only have one day off each week. Basturns.


  1. Albert? I'm glad you put your trousers on the see the boy about his computery thing. It made me wonder how the prostate massage feather dance was coming along. Is it ready for youtube yet? Hotboy

  2. So there's absolutely no chance of raising the comment tone above toilet level? Dearie me.

  3. I say!

    Keep up the training. Do you fancy batting at six for the Kalimbuka XI if the Aussies accept my most recent challenge?

    MM III

  4. Mingers, my cricket skills are limited. My star performance as fielder involved knocking my best friend unconscious.

  5. I say!

    If you could do the same to an Aussie fielder, that would be excellent. I'll pencil you in as allrounder and sledger.

    MM III

  6. Albert? That's the second time a comment hasn't registered on this post. I thought you knew something about computers! Hotboy

  7. Mingers - that would be the first time I get picked for a team.

    Hotters - always happy to help maintain the delusion that it's always somebody's fault.