Tuesday, January 26


A great night for the telly. Just watched Murray give Nadal a glorious hiding in the quarter finals if the Aussie Open.

And now the Frazier/Ali movie's on. They've fought twice, and the third one's going to be in Manila (just up the road from here). Fortunately I can't remember what the result was. At this point it's looking good for Frazier, and I'm on the second home brew. What a great night!


  1. I love readding, and thanks for your artical.........................................

  2. Albert? What a nice evening! Watching the old ultra-violence while drinking beer without any beer in it! Did you throw a pig on a barbie while you were at it? Hotboy

  3. Hotters. The pig is a lovely animal, intelligent, gregarious, and preferable to most people. If I had one I would chat to it. Probably just platonic, but you never know. They eff horses, don't they?

    Mingers, once was enough. PS is there a YouTube of Cabbage and Doviko punching each other in the tropics? The Cooker in Kalimbuka.

  4. I say!

    The 'Calamity in Kalimbuka'.

    BTW - what part does the pitch play, in tennis? There's a nice tennnis court down the road, in Zomba. Mrs M and myself sometimes have a knock-up there.

    MM III

  5. Steady on Mingers - this is a family blog.