Thursday, January 28

aussie education

When I lived in Australia, they were forever short of skilled workers and professionals. No forward planning in education, you see.

I watched the Aussie TV news just now, announcing this year's list of honours. Some brilliant people received gongs, including an Aussie woman nobel laureate, based in the U.S., now belatedly recognized with an Order of Australia.

In the interviews, all the medal-winners speak with English or Scots accents. You see, all the best Brits leave the UK to chill out and help out down under, before moving on to the US or NSC where their talents can actually flourish.

When I lived in Australia, education ministers used to bemoan the country's ranking at the bottom of all developed countries (ahem!).

So they would throw money at the problem. I could have fixed it for nothing: forget about joining the developed world; be happy to rank at the top of the undeveloped world. Problem solved.


  1. Have you moved?
    We need to catch up... maybe on skype?
    Lee Ann

  2. Albert? Just because you drink tea with your gay chums and sit around chatting about the Pricipia Mathematica ... Scots accents? Do people speak with Scottishness in the down under places? Mean basturns the lot of them, so they are! Hotboy p.s. Lee Ann have nothing to do with him. Take it from me.

  3. Mingers - For most Aussies he's already St Rick. Thank you for commenting on topic.

    No-one else seems to be addressing this important topic. Et tu Hottus?

  4. Albert? Okay! Real Ozzies don't give a xxxx about all this nancy arty pants stuff! Do you know what a carburettor is? I thought not! Neither do I! Being able to talk about the Principia and enjoying reading computery manuals might not really have cut it back here in the heart of civilisation, by the way. I'd send all you whingeing pommes home on the first boat back, so I would! Hotboy

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