Tuesday, January 26

time-wasting and heroic black guys

First day back at work. Total waste of time. Computers all on a go-slow. Colleagues likewise. But I got some yoga time in my office.

On TV soon: the thriller in maniller. Should provide some balance, after when we were kings.

Meanwhile the niece is visiting Albert in Oz. It seems today is Australia Day aka Invasion Day or Apology Day. Albert's good lady offered to get up at dawn to take her to see the aboriginal smoking ceremony in the park. But Albert tells me they've slept in. No time management skills you see. Self discipline died out with the baby boomers. Mind you, even back then, the rot set in when some poor basturns were deprived of toilet training.


  1. Albert? Thank God they don't allow things like the thriller in manillar anymore ... no more 15 rounders. The last time I saw it I reckoned Joe might have got the decision if his cornerman hadn't stopped it just because he couldn't see and was nearly dead. No wonder Joe was pissed off at him. The other bum was dead on his feet as well. I don't watch stuff like that now because I'm a vegetarian. Hotboy

  2. I say!

    I've declared today "Kalimbuka Day"

    MM III

  3. I say!

    Joe quit. He shook his head and didn't want more.

    MM III

  4. Hotters, yes there was something nasty even about the film, even the act of watching it was a little sick. How many rounds do they have these days? Surely three would be plenty.

    Frazier's in better shape now than Ali.

    Mingers. May I be the first to wish you and Mrs M a happy Kalimbuka Day.

    I shake my head here but nobody takes any notice. When do I throw in the towel?