Wednesday, January 27


For weeks now I've been immersed in people. The house has been knee deep in them. The work is infested with them. It's hardly conducive to furthering my research in misanthropology.

I need to spend about a year in retreat on an island paradise, maybe with a few pigs and cows. And a trusty dog that retrieves coconuts and mangoes to please me.

I should never have watched the punch up last night, it's made me crabbit.

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  1. I say!

    I read somewhere (in the Sunday Times, actually) that the US market in motivational products is worth $21 billionn a year.

    Do you happen to know what 'motivational products' are?

    I mean - what motivation can compete with beating the Aussies at cricket, simply for 'la gloire'?

    I'm sorry that this comment has nothing whatsoever to do with your post.

    Perhaps you could write a post on the topic of motivation, so that I could re-post this comment. Without, obviously, thiis last paragraph.

    MM III

  2. I say!

    This is sweet.

    MM III

  3. Mingers, please suggest how I could motivate myself to post about cricket.

  4. Albert? Must empathise about having too many people peopling all over the place. Makes you tense, doesn't it? I recommend gassing them myself, so don't feel guilty about it. We're over populating. Pity you might be a bit passed it with the dodgy shagger's back and all, but that should give you even more reason to grouse about it. You're not over-populating other people. They're over-populating you. Put your money into noise blockers. Remember you heard that from me first. Hotboy

  5. Hotters. Actually my stockbrokers tell me the opposite - buy shares in hearing aids. The deifheids are going to be a huge market.