Thursday, September 23

all over the place

Albert works as a teacher. This is from his last email:
"I ran an exam today. It was hard work. They tried everything.
  • As I gave the paper to one student who was worried about passing the exam, she handed me a gourmet cream trifle as a present.
  • Another student wanted to listen to his phone through headphones, and couldn't understand why I wouldn't allow it during an exam.
  • Half way through, one devout person exercised his right to go out and pray, then come back and continue the exam. I made him use a different coloured pen after the prayer, so I would be able tell which answers had followed divine inspiration.
  • Near the end, one lass asked for a fresh paper so she could start again. I said that was okay but she would have to hand in both papers. Well, she argued the toss for a while.
  • A student who handed in her paper early, sat down again at the computer, and put the course notes up on the screen, so her friend still writing at the next desk could crib the material.
  • One of them tried to phone a friend during the exam.
Afterwards, I asked them all to fill out a questionnaire, anonymously, rating my performance this year. The last question was "What mark would you give your teacher?" One of them answered: "A+, see me after class :)"

Naturally I wondered which of the babes had written it, so I compared the handwriting against the exam papers. I found the matching person. It was a musclebound meathead. No help at all."
Albert works hard. Meantime, here in Nouvelle-Cal├ędonie, the wonderful four-day weekend will segue straight into the wonderful two-week vacation. And the cellmate goes away for a few days, so I can get on with all those things I can't do when others are around. Now where did I leave that bicycle pump?

Yoga report
  • Yesterday I did zilch except the chair during the tooth brushing.
  • Today I'll do the killer routine from the book, "Yoga For Regular Guys", even though I'm not one.
Swim forecast
  • Tomorrow I'll have the cellmate's car, so can drive to the pool and back, a treat.


  1. Albert? What a bunch of cheating basturns! You should let it be known to the cuties that you'll pass anyone for a bj. I'm sure that's perfectly ethical down in yon desert where you live. Hotboy

  2. Hotters, I'll pass that on, just in case he's still capable of making use of such a thing.

  3. I say!

    What are you going to use the bicycle pump for? I think we should know.

    MM III

  4. Mingers. I can't tell you here.