Thursday, September 2

entertainment and exercise

After working all day and evening, I relaxed by watching an episode of Embarrassing Bodies. Amazing TV of real people and their asymmetrical breasts, incontinent streaming, blown-out vaginas etc. No bottoms this week though.

It's not just sensational camerawork, it's educational too. One informative sequence revealed the mantra "socks before jocks." Apparently people who want to avoid spreading their athlete's foot into athlete's crotch should put their socks on before their pants. You learn something every day.

Meanwhile, the ipod seems to have lost the only ebook I ever read, The Real Alma Mater. Somewhere there's a backup copy that I can reload.

I'm not sure I'll ever swim again, at least not in the winter - I can't face the split fingers. Mind you, since I developed plantar fasciitis for the first time ever, walking is out so I'll be forced to resume swimming. Have you ever had that? In my case it's just a soreness right under the heel. Probably from walking on hard flat insoles. It's amazing how many new kinds of decrepitude one discovers on getting older.

Because the walking's been curtailed, I was nearly persuaded to buy a Wii system, for fitness. You can use it to play virtual tennis, box, and do yoga and tai chi. But I stopped myself just in time. I already know how to do tai chi and yoga. I just need to bloody well get on with it. And I could probably teach myself shadow boxing for oldies, without causing any new injuries.


  1. Albert? Sorry to hear that you've managed to find some more interesting diseases and conditions that no one has ever heard of before. Having fascists under your heel is a new one on me anyway. All of these are side effects of the bliss pills. What you need is a tissue soaked in eucalyptus oil. Sniff it whenever you imagine another disease besetting you. Alternate this with whistling Waltzing Matilda. That's all anyone needs for good health apart from the vinegar for the scabs. Hope this helps. Hotboy

  2. According to the officemate the fascist heel comes from grinding my colleagues underfoot.

  3. I say!

    Raising the glass of MGT to the lips is quite good exercise, if done frequently enough.

    MM III

  4. Mingers. So that's what the right arm is for.