Wednesday, September 8

aussie balance

On a recent visit to Albert, I was able to observe the native fauna in situ. The best thing you can say about Aussie men and women is that they go well together (Albert says "they deserve each other").

The women are tough, bovine creatures. The clever ones resent men, while the rest of them regard their menfolk with the sort of loyal pride that a mother would feel for a handicapped son winning a school race.

The men are cheerful oafish layabouts, except in the sporting field, where they excel. They admire their women, if only for their pluck, tolerance and housework.

Fortunately, the picture is slowly changing, as immigration brings in some graceful women from Asia, and capable men from places like Jockoland and Bavaria. Things are balancing up.


  1. Albert? Everyone knows that Aussie women are disgraceful trollops who go around propositioning hither and thither. Aussie men, on the other hand, will give you a beer with real beer in it and in this respect at least are far better than any tea total poms you'll ever meet. Also, Waltzing Matilda is a wonderful composition. Hotboy

  2. I say!

    The balance will be upset when they don't win the Ashes.

    MM III

  3. Hotters I read somewhere that Waltzing Matilda was taken originally from a Jocko song.

    Mingers. Presumably you have inside info on which way the ashes will be rigged.