Monday, September 27


After the long cold winter (by local standards), it's suddenly jumped about ten degrees.

It's horrible. I've been mowing the lawn, and have had to take refuge indoors, half-way through the job, just so I can get my kit off and sit in front of the fan.

Another year of hedge growth around the perimeter, and I should be able to mow the lawn just wearing a hat.

At the supermarket they now sell condoms with a built-in miniature vibrator. I think when sexual perversion becomes mainstream, you have to move on just to stay in the vanguard of fashion. Maybe blissage will become the new sex.

I have to go out and finish the mowing now. I may be some time.


  1. Albert? You could cut port holes in the hedge and charge a fortune for viewers of your world famous naked prostate massage dance!! Give up all educating the proles. It's a waste of time! They just end up spending all their money on drink and drugs and coal to put in their baths! Didn't you have a career's adviser at your snobby school you went to? Hotboy

  2. They don't need coal here. That leaves room in the bath for other necessities, like champagne and surf babes.

  3. Albert? Could you post a photie of the said condom in situ, or an a banana because I find this hard to imagine. Hotboy

  4. Hotters. You'd like that, wouldn't you? I can see the headlines - pervert arrested in supermarket while photographing condoms.