Friday, September 10


The four-day weekend is well under way, with a Chinese flavour.

Walking the dog I listened to some great BBC podcasts from inside China, by John Simpson. Many of the interviewees asked to be anonymous, but some real heroes identified themselves. Like the brave guy who helps workers sue their employers for back-pay or injury compensation. Compared with people like that, my life has hardly benefitted mankind.

On Saturday we're going to watch a 3-hour Chinese film from a few years ago, Lust Caution. I've seen a bit of it, and it's electrifying. And all without stars, explosions or car chases.

On Sunday we're meeting a non-deifheid couple at a Chinese art gallery. All the art is modern Chinese. I went to see the old show last year. I don't appreciate much Western art, especially modern. But this stuff is so fresh, imaginative, varied, humorous. I wonder if any of it will refer to Tibet.

Swimming report
  • Yesterday I broke the swimming boycott for the first time since the auld reekie housing department hotel. The best bit was baking away the aches and pains in the sauna. The worst part was jumping in the pool afterwards. I find psyching yourself up with thoughts of Jocko weather helps prepare for the shock.

  • I need to start swimming at least every week, to balance up the reduction in walking due to the fascist heel.


  1. Albert? The BBC is wonderful. I started paying my license fee after they gave me some money. Lust Caution doesn't sound as if car chases are what it's about. Could we have a precis please if it's not gay? If it is, make up a precis! Also, how's about some more photies of young women? Hotboy

  2. Intrigue, sex, violence. The usual.

    You're right, I'm wasting my life away when I could be trouser blogging.