Saturday, September 25

yesterday and today

Cap'n Kev is back from house-sitting a hobby farm with its own pet wombat. I caught up with him yesterday. He says the wombat comes up to you when you're sitting watching TV, and just stands beside you with its hand on your knee. There's also a friendly but dangerous cockatoo and a very sociable pig.

When he asked how I've been getting on with the cellmate, I broke the news that we're sharing the same kettle, for the first time ever. We used to have two kettles to avoid arguments over who had stolen the other person's tea water.

She's away for a few days - fortunately I came across (not in the biblical sense) a short story by A L Kennedy. It's surely the sexiest piece of writing ever. I could scan it into the iPod for emergencies.

At the supermarket they had a new brand of condom, with extra room at one end. Watch this space for a road test, perhaps this year.

To ease the fascist heel I've been wearing my jogging shoes at work. But people have been calling me things like marathon man and baseball boy. So yesterday I got a pair of New Balance black leather trainers.

Of course when I got them home, after wearing them for an evening I realised they were too tight on the old toenail.

On the way back to exchange them today, I found a shop selling a wider pair at almost 50% cheaper. So I bought them, then claimed a refund on the first pair at the other shop. I'm sticking it to the man!


  1. I say!

    Wilson swears by his sandals, which are made out of an old tyre.

    MM III

  2. Albert? I read an A.L. Kennedy piece about bull fighting once and it was very good. That's all I've ever read by her. Sorry to say, it wasn't sexy at all. But I'm not into bulls. Cows? Not into them either. They don't have hobby farms in Blighty. They have allotments. Hotboy

  3. Mingers. Have your tyres been slashed by any chance?

    Hotters. If I scan it I can send you a copy.

  4. I say!

    Have you tried the wombat on the braai?

    MM III

  5. Mingers. Helpful idea, but I believe it's tough.