Wednesday, September 29

machines for old folk

In response to requests from sceptics, here's some technical material about the kind of condom technology available nowadays in the supermarket:

Let yourself glow with the glow in the dark vibrating condom pack. 

Visuals and vibrations to turn you on when the lights go off!

Comes with free additional battery which is easily replaced.

It has multiple speeds and can be used multiple times for multiple pleasure!

Features include:
  • 3 speed gearbox with intense top speed!
  • Easy to use push button for on/ off and changing speeds

In the interests of research, I have had to buy one, with the aim of posting a review one day.

There's now a mobile phone for seniors:

A Joke

Kid asks Grandpa:
-Do you still have sex with Grandma?
-Yes, but just oral sex.
-What's oral sex?
-I say fuck you. She says fuck you too.


  1. Albert? Thank God I'm far too old for all that malarkey! You could easily electrocute yourself. Why don't you apply for a patent for that? Why pay the CIA? Get to frazzle your own genitals with Electro-Condom. Hotboy p.s. You'll have to supply your own artwork for the logo-man!

  2. Hotters. By the time I reach your age I'll be too old too.

    PS I have a portfolio of banana artwork already.

  3. I say!

    Mrs M's banana set off the alarm in the airport security the other day.

    MM III

  4. Mingers. Next time put it in a condom and tie it off. Works every time.