Monday, October 11

edinburgh news

Albert has read an article in the Aussie press, about the best British food. He didn't say if it was a very long article, but what interested me was that the best haggis comes from a butcher in Stockbridge. Imagine being able to pop out for offal whenever you want!

Using friendsreunited, I have tracked down my room mate from first year. He came from Larkhall, and taught me how to play basic bass guitar. The guy was in the room on the night I lost my virginity. All I remember is that I kept up a running commentary so he wouldn't feel excluded. If I can contact him, maybe he can tell me how it was for me.


  1. Even the Jolly Green Giant has to be blue in Larkhall!! Hotboy

  2. I say!

    Its the rubbery crunchy tubey bits in haggis that I enjoy the most - the bits that have managed to squigge their way past the mincer.

    MM III

  3. Hotters. Straight to the heart of the matter (as in Midlothian).

    Mingers. Have you ever chanced on aorta? It has to be tough to cope with the blood gush from the heart. At the other extreme (texturally not anatomically) the local Chinese serves cubes of coagulated blood, in a blood-based gravy.

  4. Albert? Was the butcher called George Bower? Hotboy

  5. Albert? What a liar you are! You told me in third year when you were plonking out at bass line on a guitar that you have never been taught the guitar. Now, it seems you were already familiar with the bass guitar as well as the ukelele. You definitely need your tongue washed out!! Do you tell lies for fun or are you just neurologically damaged by being brought up as progeny of the evil bourgeois, known as lying basturns every one? Hope this helps. Hotboy

  6. Hotters. There's a gullible proletarian born every minute. No wonder you never made company director. PS I was drugged at the time of the alleged inexactitude.