Tuesday, October 5


There was a lunch at the deifheid place at the weekend. They kindly extended the invitation to me. Probably the idea was for me to lie under the table with the dog. Sadly I had to decline as I had a prior engagement with the book I'm reading.

The psychological model derived from Carl Rogers maintains that when you dislike someone, it's often because they remind you of someone else in your past. I've just worked out who the heid deifheid reminds me of.

There was a guy in halls of residence called John H. He was so transparently disinterested in anyone other than himself, you almost felt sorry for him. Desperately trying to impress fit young babes, he came across as slimy. In his room, he had an expensive stereo, though he didn't like music. It was intended as a seduction aid.

Anyway, the deifheid guy here is equally disinterested in other people, except as conversational targets for his tales about himself. Desperate to impress (himself). I wouldn't mind so much if he didn't just recycle the same stories every time.

I knew an old Viking who died recently, a very funny and good hearted man. RIP.

Things are getting serious. People are dropping around me, and I haven't even finished growing up yet.


  1. I say!

    There are a couple of folk up at the Government 'Hostile' who are a bit like that. Can't seem to talk about anything but themselves.

    Not like me! I can talk about cricket, cricket poetry, pitches, swing, reverse swing, bounce, fielding, batting, and much, much more.

    MM III

  2. Albert? You must have disconnected the comment!! Or somebody did! Hotboy

  3. Mingers. Malawi's gain is New Caledonia's loss. You'd dine out for life here with those stories.

    Hotters. Alas, no other comments have arrived here, if one of yours was deleted you must have done it yourself. What were you on at the time?

  4. Albert? You're next. Have you put me in your will yet? Have you got a hut? Remind the wummin that I can stand on my head and do it in a lotus if I have sufficient drugs. Hotboy