Thursday, October 14


I was on friendsreunited, and I went to look up the year I left the uni, and who's at the top of the list but Mingers! Not sure if that's a fluke, or if friendsreuntied has somehow got its hands on my gmail address book (even though I only ever gave them an old hotmail account).

I also took a peep at Albert's old school. Most of the people there went on to be even more socially useful than Albert himself. But can they or can they not do the bliss pills?

Here are recent pictures of two of them, taken in the course of their work. Each photo contains an oblique clue to the subject's profession.


  1. Albert? Being a poor person, I've never sat on a horse, or had a rifle. I'd love to have those two things, so I could shooty shooty folk and then ride away. Brilliant! Hotboy p.s. Mingers didn't finish uni at the same time as you due to having to having to repeat year after year after year. I think they still think he's there, but don't want to inquire too deeply into that in case he shows up at lectures again!

  2. I say!

    I fear that that jigsaw has been put back together in the wrong order.

    BTW, it's not everyone who, like yourself, can say that they went to school with bin Laden.

    MM III