Thursday, October 21

progress in education

I'm indebted to Albert for drawing my attention to an article headed "Handwriting proves a stretch for computer-savvy students", from the Southern Highland News.

It seems that kids are leaving school with advanced interpersonal skills and terrific keyboard skills, but without knowing how to write with a pen.

Some schools are having to employ occupational therapists to teach 17-year-old school kids to use a pen, so that they'll be able to write the exam papers for their school leaving certificate. There are different opinions on whether writing by hand will or should become extinct.


  1. Albert? I blame it all on the school teachers. Half of Scottish 14 year olds fail to reach expected standards in writing. Teachers make them write stuff as a punishment!! They should all be put up against the wall and shot!! Hotboy p.s. Once they've failed to teach kids how to write with a pen, they say it's old fashioned and want to give them exams on the computery thing. This is so they can click on boxes. They can't type either!!!

  2. Hotters. I'm reading an ebook just now about a guy working in a school. Some managers and teachers are so useless it's unbelievable!

  3. Albert? I wrote a book like that once. It took me ages because I kept getting so annoyed writing it!! You're better writing books about folk shooty shootying each other! Hotboy