Sunday, October 10

re-evaluating the over-reaction

The murderous urges from the previous post are dissipating.

As usual with these incidents, there's a history involving memory. I now realise the guy reminded me of two imperious bosses I had about three years ago. Same manner, similar appearance. And all of them were equally incompetent.

If there's one thing I react badly to, it's being demeaned by an idiot. Fortunately the people who insult me online are at least good at what they do.

Going further back in memory, I can see that much childhood was about being pushed around by morons. Mainly parents. If only I had had kids of my own, I would have had a shot at being one of those morons. That might have balanced me up.

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  1. Albert? I think you've sussed this one out!! Unfortunately, the reason why I over-react to getting hassled by morons is that I'm an arrogant basturn who should have climbed the career ladder instead of being happy to ignore it. Having sprogs might just have given you something else to worry about! Hotboy