Wednesday, October 20

thin lizzie

Recently, the dog was suddenly very keen to spend the evening out in the garden, doing a lot of barking. I went out there and discovered the reason for all the noise: there was a magnificent lizard living out there, nearly half a metre long, and the dog was trying to build up the courage to bite it. The lizard was making a deathly noise and inflating itself to look scary. So I started keeping the dog indoors, to give the poor lizard some peace.

About a week later, we saw the lizard again on the road outside the house.


  1. Albert? You really get some horrible beasties in yon desert where you live! Did you pop it on the barby then? Hotboy

  2. Hotters. You never know what these things have been eating.

    Mingers. A man for all links. I can see why you were a librarian when you were a lad.