Friday, October 22

toilet cleaning and training

After the long day's work into night yesterday, this morning I blobbed out with a book.

Then I hit the black tea for a run up to the cleaning job for Alec's partner, who pays me the going rate to clean her rooms. After a three-hour blitz that included toilet work and leaf clearing, now I'm knackered again. It all balances up.

Tomorrow I've to meet Cap'n Kev for coffee.

I spoke to the old dear in the Royal Vic again. She seems to be settling in to her third hospital now. I read her the riot act about cooperating more with the physiotherapist - otherwise they'll shunt her off to a ward for the hopeless cases.

For once, she was happy to just natter. I feel for her, but not excessively. At last, I can see a benefit of the Teutonic toilet training - it sets you up not to be too attached to your parents.


  1. Albert? The calvinist toilet training does make you psychopathic. Bound to!! I wouldn't worry about that though. You've got enough on your plate with giant lizard and the fascist foot fetish! Hotboy

  2. Hotters. As Larkin may have said re the toilet training, they eff you up the bum 'n' dat.

  3. I say!

    Doviko is very interested in knowing what the going rate is.

    MM III

  4. Mingers, I know Dovers would like to undercut me and steal the business. Thank goodness you keep him on a short leash at your place.