Monday, December 14

drinking class

At Benny Hill's for lunch yesterday, apart from me it was a crowd of perfectly nice, well-adjusted normal professional people without toilet training issues. Bloody awful it was.

Tonight I organised a gathering of effed-up riff-raff, at the pub with the brewery inside. There was Cap'n Kev, plus his cousin and her daughter. I thoroughly enjoyed myself and was the life of the party. Can't for the life of me work out why. Perhaps Prussian nobility just feel more comfortable among the troops.

We started on wheat beer, before a detour to black beer. After that it was downhill through pils, summer special, and red lager, before a repeat of the first two brews (which had lost some of their appeal in the meantime - the palate tends to blur out after too many different beers). Everyone agreed that black beer was number one, with wheat beer close behind.

After so much drink, the only reason I'm still able to type now is that I ate a precautionary dinner before getting to the pub. Whereas Kev, on an empty stomach, was well away.

Appendix A: Critical Assessment
  • wheat beer - smooth weissbier taste, but clear instead of cloudy
  • black beer - dark, smooth and very creamy, like a barley wine
  • pils - crisp German-style lager
  • summer special - light and citrus, a bit like that Mexican beer with the slice of lime
  • red lager - by this stage I was losing the plot a bit, so I can only remember that it tasted red


  1. Albert? Such debauchery! I'm shocked. I thought the strongest brew you had was wee green tea. Dearie me! What's happening to the world? Hotboy

  2. Albert? Fab descriptions of the beers! I couldn't do that. A crude scoffer. So, it just tasted red then? Hotboy

  3. Hotters, the secret is to drink with non-deifheids. They are naturally interested in hearing other people's impressions of the beer.

    Over the hols I'll see if I can set up another tasting at the other pub brewery.

  4. I say!

    Some of those beers taste like goat scrotum, IMHO.

    MM III