Thursday, December 10

news in brief

  • Been working every bloody day - the novelty has worn off. If I had wanted to work hard, I would have chosen a career, and at least made some money out of it.

  • Finished reading a good book. I don't want to identify the book, in case I prejudice my trial. The hero seemed a lot like me, and I grew to identify with him. But then near the end of the story you realise he's a homocidal maniac.

  • Beer-related injury - opening a bottle of Freedom Ale, I was unscrewing the twist-off cap (a useful Aussie invention - no comment). The cap was stuck, so I had to really wrench it. The whole neck broke off, and I glassed myself in the hand. I must be too strong for my own good. Unlike the beer. Now I have to do everything left-handed, including changing the bandage on the dud hand.

  • I've been saving the video tape with the last few episodes of Ideal, because I didn't want it ever to end. It's my social life. A drug circle by proxy. And these people have become my friends. Moz has a chance of happiness with the daft girl, her name's Denny I think. I hope he doesn't blow it, like Albert.

  • But I found out there's a new series on the way, so I won't need to say goodbye. I'm going to watch the last episode now.


  • I just watched the last episode. Disappointingly, there's a new character now, played by the woman from Nighty Night. She was good in that, but she's destroyed Ideal's credibility for me now.

  • The Christmas craziness has started. There's been an invite to dinner at the deifheids' place. Dearie me. The too dumb to medicate would benefit from drugs, any sort would help.


  1. Albert? Yon oz invention of the screw off cap is a brilliant idea! Wish I had the patent for that! Can you sue them? You must be an anti-alcoholic to find such strength to wrench the neck off a bottle of beer with no beer in it. There's a Hulk in us all, Albert, so I sympathise. Hotboy

  2. Hotters, I'd have to sue myself for capping the bottle too tight in the first place.