Saturday, December 26

joyous tidings

Was thoroughly antisocial at the holy rellie chrissie party. Didn't even have the excuse of wanting to spend the time meditating. Managed to annoy everyone, even the partner who should be used to it. Dearie me!

Today things are looking up. A trip to the beach with the black sand and sharks. First we have to wait half the day tlll the whole congregation has assembled, but that gives me time to blog and read my advance copy of Remote.

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  1. Albert? I'm glad you managed to annoy everyone. Maybe they'll decide to have Christmas sometime you're not there and then you can sit on your own drinking the beer with no beer in it! Hotboy

  2. Albert? Did you manage to push anyone in with the sharks? Hotboy

  3. Hotters. No, but playing beach cricket I did succeed in doing my back in, and one outlaw was bowled out with a ball to the balls. Old guys acting young to impress the talent.

  4. Albert? Ah, the beach!! Are you going to do a post about babes on the beach? Any beach volleyball going on? What a fortunate creature you are! Did you try to prostate dance on the beach before your back went? Serves you right for playing creekit at all! Hotboy