Saturday, December 12

the weekend so far

An interesting weekend so far.

I scored 471 at scrabble, including three seven-letter words in the same game. One was "flavine".

Later, a bit woozy after an afternoon nap, I walked naked into the living room to see what my partner was doing. That's when I realized she had two strange women sitting there. After giving them a full frontal eyeful, I turned on my heel and walked out, ensuring they had a rear view to balance things up.

When they had gone, I found out that they weren't mormons, they were a lesbian couple. Not sure if that makes it worse than Mormons.

For a moment I was resentful: a rare chance to expose myself to women, and they turn out to be gay!

Then I realised how lucky I had been. Hetero women would have had something to compare it with.

Sunday we're invited for lunch at the house of the only celebrity I know. He's the New Caledonian equivalent of Benny Hill meets Monty Python. Of course he's a deifhied, but with so many funny stories he's entitled to be.

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  1. Albert? Mayhap the lesbians had spotted one or two on their way to lesbianism and didn't fancy the look of it at all. What did they say? Hullo, sailor? Did anyone scream? You can get away with crap like that in the tropics! I suppose you've stopped dressing for dinner. Why don't you wear a pair of pyjamas like the rest of us?! Dearie me! Going troppo! It's time to turn it on the neighbours. a flash dance! Hope this helps. Hotboy

  2. Albert? I think this was a missed opportunity. How would Burt Reynolds have handled it? Two lesbians and the girlfriend and you're already bollock naked? If you could get one of them afro wigs and a pancho villa moustache, I could write the script. Hotboy

  3. Surely a Jimmy Wishart wig and an Adolf moustache would do just as well.

  4. Albert? Is the wig named after the Jimmy Wishart I used to know? I've never heard of that. Hotboy

  5. I say!

    I'm sure that after seeing you naked, it rather confirmed their preferred choice.

    One can just imagine the chat after you had retreated: "See, Doris - we're not missing anything at all".

    MM III