Wednesday, December 30

fiction and reality

The writer guy took the opinionated review on the chin. The circumstances while reading the book were hardly conducive. I was suffering from cricket injuries and flea bites, and under verbal assault from my cellmate. I'll re-read it once the sex scenes have been outsourced to Bavaria. Germans make the dullest TV in the world, but the most imaginative porn. It balances up.

Back in New South Caledonia now. Umpteen things to be repaired, and a training course approaching. The joliday's over.

I could post my impressions of the NZ trip, but I can't be bothered. It's all just a load of old photons.

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  1. Albert? You sound fair exhausted from all the fun you've been having! Did you have Christmas dinner on the beach with the sharks? Hotboy

  2. Hotters, there's no place like home, fortunately.

    Mingers, the local pitch still had the rugby goalposts up. They're a bit behind in NZ.