Sunday, January 22

i wish this would go on forever

It's not often you find yourself thinking "I wish this would go on forever". Last night's jazz concert was like that. "Please don't stop playing this number. But when it finishes, please say you'll play another one."

Music for the head and the feet. Complex, relentless, playful and joyful. Just two musicians, at the top of their game. In the best hall in the city. Americans. A timely reminder that America's still great for some things. I saw a tweet recently, "The US is the laughing stock of the world". There's truth in that, but it's also arguably the greatest country in the world. It's never a case of either/or.

In life, only rarely is something so good that I think to myself "I wish this would go on forever". Maybe that's appropriate when we're all going to die sooner rather than later. I still have brief moments when my mind or my body jumps for joy. And longer periods when I accept mother nature and my role as a decaying organism.

And now a word from our sponsor. Taoism reckons that a thing isn't black or white, it's both. And even black contains a wee bit of white, and vice versa.


  1. I understand that moment you speak of totally. Last night I sat for two hours looking into the face of a sleeping baby. I let go of who I am, everything I've ever been troubled by and just absorbed the wonder of looking into a new person's face.

    I learned when I was young that the universe is always looking for balance. That if you never feel pain, you cannot understand joy.

    Much of my learning is Native American, in to respect the spirit in all things, not just the living ones.

    We need balance, but sometimes we need those moments that totally take us out of ourselves and remind us that our mortality is not a bad thing. That the world will go on. The beauty of the the very old and the very young is to be cherished.

  2. Albert? Once Scotland is independent, I'd like us to become an American state. America is probably the best thing that ever happened to the world.
    Hotboy p.s. Don't know how to do a link!!

  3. Nanners. Yes, I suppose the wish for the never-ending bliss state is a denial of the pain side of the equation. Your two hours beats my 90 minutes of jazz and probably cost less.

    Hotters. I see YouTube Mingeritis is catching. No need to apologise, I've mastered the copy and paste. Did you ever hear The Nice play America? Bernstein who wrote it was appalled.

  4. I say!

    I could post some YouTubes that I expect you would want to go on forever, but I won't, due to potential hostility from another visitor to your site.

    I do enjoy this one from Rooies, though.

    MM III

  5. Albert? Saw the Nice at the Usher Hall circa 1970. Really good version too. No wonder the writer didn't like it! Hotboy

  6. Mingers. If only Brian Wilson played cricket!

    Hotters. Wish I'd seen that one.

  7. I doubt it cost less, we brought takeout Chinese with us.