Wednesday, January 18

learning experience

I was going to see a jazz band in the park, so I invited along some jazz lover friends of ours. They kindly brought along a picnic rug and some wine, but that turned it into a natterfest, and I was trying to listen to the music.

As the designated driver I was the only sober one, and when I went off to find myself some lunch I was seen as a party pooper. I copped a lecture on the way home. Allegedly as the jazz instigator it was my responsibility to stick around until everyone else had enough booze and chatter.

Will I never learn? If you're serious about something you have to go it alone.

But the day was not a total washout, as I introduced 3 or 4 new yoga poses to my routine tonight. I found them in a book. That's progress. And I made a fantastic dessert tonight - chopped up nectarine with creamy natural yogurt.

PS After wasting another couple of hours trying unsuccessfully to modify the black background, the best I could manage was a different colour for the surround. I know when to give up. Since I started blogging, blog templates have evolved to be much more complex, and life's too short to learn advanced CSS.


  1. I generally end up as the designated driver, because I don't drink.

    But it isn't fun to go to a music concert with chatterboxes.

    Best if you go with someone who is having as much fun as you are.

  2. Albert? Why don't you just stay away from people? You know you don't like them. Hotboy

  3. Nanners. Exactly.

    Hotters. Yes, except that the occasional contact with others can help regulate the insanity levels, don't you find?