Sunday, January 29

mind and body

Getting on pretty well with my office-mate at work. Talk quite a bit. He appreciates me when I'm right, and stands up to me when I'm wrong. His sense of mischief goes well with my gallows sense of humour.

During the holidays, this was what I saw from my bed in the mornings.

Dreadful! Thankfully two of theme were only on temporary loan from work.

I downloaded two tracks from Electric Music... by Country Joe and the Fish. Strange how music that used to freak me out, can now sound so lovely and centering. I can actually hear each instrument now, instead of a single wall of angst.

I was immersed in that album one night, while minding Vinnie while he was tripping. As we listened to the circus-type music, he suddenly got the urge to visit the circus down in Leith. Against my better judgement I sat on the pillion while he piloted his scooter across the city. When we arrived intact at the other end, Viinne said for the whole ride he believed he was piloting a Spitfire, and all the cars were Messerschmitts. I hated the ride on the ferris wheel - Vinnie was cackling away and trying to capsize our bucket. Until then, I had assumed that the tripper, not his carer, was supposed to be the one in mental danger.

Pruning the mango tree, I was stung by several bees all at once. Face, arms and hand. I applied the bicarbonate of soda remedy, and within a few minutes it was bearable enough to forget about. I expect some people might say the bees are instant karma for my garden burning last week. Speaking of burns ...

(Not) The Selkink Grace

Some hae feet but cannae tweet
Some would Skype but want it
But we have Virgin
Of that we're certain
And sae the lord we thank it

(Not) To a Mouse

Wee Courin' Timorous Toastie
You're the lunch I like the Mosty
So I would chase thee with murderin' prattle
and if I don't catch thee, I'm sure the cat'll


  1. I generally wake up with two cats standing on me with their noses in my face wanting me to get up and feed them. We don't even keep a clock in the bedroom. That is our quiet space, no electronics more complicated than a lamp allowed.

    Bee stings would put me in hospital or the morgue. I'm allergic.

  2. Albert? Was that stuff stuck to the ceiling? Hotboy

  3. I say!

    This should help.

    MM III

  4. Mingers. Not only was that not a Brian video, it was most informative. I was particularly encouraged to read that "the average adult could withstand more than 1100 stings".

    Nanners. I've banished the electronics from the bedroom, except when there's a loud party outside, when the mobile device apps can produce a masking white noise. Everything has its good side.

    Hotters, I should have said, it was on ra flair.

  5. Hotters. Did you read the Vinnie bit?

  6. Это горячий человек снова цензуре писания?

  7. Albert? I commented on the Vinnie question earlier, but it has disappeared. Used to sometimes bump into Vinnie in Raeburn Place, but not for some time. He must have got promoted to Chief of the Slicing and Dicing! Hotboy

  8. Hotters, strange to think of the successful types approaching career-end. Retirement could be a great leveler. It all balances up.