Thursday, January 5

volcanoes, mushrooms, planks

Near the end of the NZ time, I had a great day out with some outlaws and their in-laws, all good people and hardly deifheids at all. What fun! All my training in misanthropology went out the window.

We walked up a couple of extinct volcanoes, and came to this. What is it? If you need a clue, Vinnie's Moll's guess was ingenious but wrong: "some kind of antipodean putting green, where you have to hit the ball up onto a mushroom instead of down into a hole".

Rory planking on a "mushroom".

Rory's fit auntie planking.

Rory planking on a cannon.

Rory planking over a drop.

Rory planking on his dad.

Albert using his dome as a beacon, to guide helicopters to the landing pad.


  1. Looks a bit like a live version of Super Mario 3 to be honest.

    I don't get the whole planking thing, it does make for strange pics. But folks take dangerous chances for such things.

    Glad you had a good day.

  2. Albert? It's an underground shopping mall! Hotboy

  3. I say!

    It's the New Zealand fielding plan for the next One-Dayer.

    MM III

  4. Reative guesses, Hotters was closest. Vents for some kind of underground tank.

  5. I say!

    Have you considered that the underground tank business is obviously just a clever distraction/camouflage for it's real purpose, as previously stated?

    MM III

  6. Mingers. Have you tweeted that?