Wednesday, January 25

the recurring dream

A busy dreaming night last night. Same old variation on a theme. For decades I've dreamt situations where I'm arriving to stay for a while in a new house. The focus is usually on how I'm going to fit in with the other people, especially where I'm going to sleep.

Sometimes I'm arriving alone to stay with old friends (usually a happy couple). Other times I'm arriving with a whole lot of people at an empty house. Last night, with the cellmate and her friend, plus all our kids including my son (based on my brother Peter), I was arriving to stay at the ruins of Dazzle's big old house.

As the only person who knew the house layout, I showed our group around all the bedrooms, explaining the best features of each. I reminisced over times when I had slept in some of the rooms, and with how many folk, and the camaraderie. And I explained the advantages of each room, like an estate agent.

Then I suggested that people in our party choose their rooms and room-mates, based on who snores, who likes the window open, etc.

Because of my age and experience of the house, I was in a role of authority yet keen to remain an equal.


The theme of choosing a billet reminds me of a long time ago, when I was in a Scottish co-counselling network/circus. As well as our regular evening meetings, we used to go on holidays together. On arrival at some rented house, we would choose our dorms based on who we wanted (and who we didn't want) to share with.

Often we had mixed dorms, but it was never sexual (as far as I noticed). I loved the cosy comfort of sleeping in a room full of comrades, male and female. At the same time I hated sharing with noisy or difficult people. One time I made up a bed in an airing cupboard because it was warm and I wanted to be alone.

The dream reminds me also of my backpacking world tour followed by a year touring around Scotland, cadging lodgings with friends and even a week in hospital on one occasion.

The recurring dream could be a metaphor for my life. Always shifting, making new decisions. In some ways I'm still a rolling stone. But maybe we all are.

I notice that in the dreams where I'm travelling alone and a guest of old friends, I'm always aware of the power-disparity between them (usually a wealthy and established couple) and me (solitary, rootless and traveling light). That's what it was actually like when I was a gypsy.


  1. I say!

    This is clearly a cricket-related dream. The house is the wicket. The other people are the team. The rooms are areas where you see you can score runs.

    MM III

  2. Albert? That was actually quite interesting! Hotboy

  3. Mingers. Howzat? That would have been a nightmare.

    Hotters. Life used to be interesting.

  4. I spent a lot of years living a gypsy life style in moving frequently.

    It taught me that change is part of life and you just deal. It also taught me that you can learn to live pretty much anywhere. Including in a car.

    My reoccurring dream involves a house with lots of stairways and hidden nooks. Some of the rooms are comfortable, some complex, some simple, others are cold and sad.

    I suspect in just reflects the situation inside my head.

  5. Nanners. Your dream sounds quite close to your waking life at the moment. You're very focused.