Thursday, January 12

new year reso rediscovered

Even before I remembered one of the N Y resolutions that I had lost on the iPhone, I had already been putting it into practice without realizing it.

The resolution was to start catching up on all the large and small projects that I had shelved or procrastinated over the years.

For instance yesterday I finally finished painting the kitchen, a job that I started years ago, and had done 95% of, before losing interest around 2009.

I've also resumed the job of scanning old 35mm slides into the computer. Partly in order to bin the physical objects; and partly so I can blog some. Looking at photo memories is actually very engrossing, and allegedly helps ward off senility. Eventually I'd like to scan all the photo albums too, and send them on CDs to surviving family.

Books. Before I borrow or buy another book or ebook, I want to read some of the dozens sitting on my shelves (and several from the cellmate's shelves).

Other jobs I have been putting off include getting people in to build new doors for the garage and the shower.

And that reminds me of an associated N Y resolution - to recognise whenever a job is best left to the experts. I know I can turn my hand to most jobs, but life is too short to master everything.


  1. Changed the format of your blog as well.

    Finishing things is good. Also knowing when to call for expert help.

    Sounds like useful stuff.

  2. Albert? Are you handing out dark glasses for your readership? Have you decided to frighten us all to death? We want the old design back! Hotboy

  3. Nanners. Good that you got through the dentistry.

    Hotters. After I tinkered with the old design and broke it, Blogger wouldn't let me reinstate the working version because it's so old. It's getting harder to fight progress, as you know.

  4. Albert? That new design is a bad sign if you think that fascist font is representative of your good self. Well, go ahead, but even the choirboys to the gay aesthetic won't get it. It looks boggin'! Stand on me. Get rid of it! Hotboy

  5. Hotters, I appreciate all feedback and am considering some changes when I get time. Is it the font or its colour you're referring to? Surely not the background colour! Blackshirtophobia can go too far you know.