Thursday, January 12

random acts of progress

Well I've finally found some of the things that I hid from the burglars before going away. I still have to work out where I stashed the hard drives.

My New Year resolution lasted all of 2 weeks (which is probably still longer than some of the people who visit this blog). I wasn't going to buy any more books, but today I picked up a wee non-technical user manual for Twitter, to help me pick up the finer points of twittiquette.

In the bookshop I suddenly got the screaming neck pain. Hardly surprising really, as I was doing all three trigger activities - wearing headphones AND an overloaded backpack, AND browsing through bookshelves with my head tilted. What an idiot! That's the first neck pain in about a year. Instead of the usual reaction of sweating panic, I had the presence of mind to work out what to do (stop in the street and do neck stretches).

One upside of the screaming neck pain was an excess of adrenalin, and so tonight, after half a bottle of freedom ale, I went jogging for a whole ten minutes without stopping.

Back home, coming out of the shower, I mixed up some plant food solution, and went out the back door to feed and water the plants. The garden is completely hedged in with shrubbery, except for one gap. And the Christian neighbour happened to be gawking in at that gap, which is how he saw me appear starkers carrying what looked like jugs of urine. What could I do, but act normal and say hullo?

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