Tuesday, January 10

twitter widget nuisance

Since I added the Twitter widget to this blog, in an effort to become au fait with one of the newer social channels, I find it's impossible to comment from a pad/pod/iPhone.

Luckily none of the regular commenters here seem to be using Apple devices, but I like to be able to reply. So I'll have to start using a PC again. In the long run I may eventually have to remove the twitter thing if I can't fix it. Anyway, I mostly use Twitter to read (people like Stephen Fry and Richard Dawkins, as well as Scottish folk I know), not to tweet.


  1. Well it seems better today. Yesterday it wouldn't let me comment.

    Not interested in Twitter, I work hard enough keeping track of what I'm doing most of the time. I don't need to watch other folks.

  2. I say!

    I can't cut and paste the link from your previous post of 9th Jan, or comment on it, or read the comment. How strange.

    MM III

  3. And now suddenly I CAN comment. Curious.

  4. Nanners, I think you've got the right attitude. I justify my interest by pointing to my job, forgetting that i'n nearly retired.

    Mingers. Do Malawians tweet?

  5. Hotters. There has to be more to life than our commenting about commenting. But it's better than nothing.