Tuesday, July 24

balanced diet

I left the Falkirk Wheel after a fun afternoon with Vinnie's Moll (as well as the engineering and architectural marvel there was a display of tame eagles, flying and diving, with a running commentary on what they were doing and why). I was itching to get to the next hotel and get checked in.

I got to Glasgow and, after taking ages to find the B&B, there was no parking at all (a blessing really as it's in a slightly seedy area where you wouldn't want to leave a car). I ended up parking in a supermarket car park and ferrying my gear to the room by hand in dribs and drabs. Irritating.

The B&B itself is pleasant, but some of the residents look rough as guts. Feeling slightly out of my depth. Thank goodness for the happy pills and herbal sleeping pills.

Next day - First night in new hotel wasn't as bad as all that. Sure, each wave of returning drunks was clattery, but soon settled down. Staying in lots of different places is making me a bit more tolerant of other people.

Yesterday's menu courtesy of the B&B, and meals at two old friend's places was scrambled egg breakfast, omelette lunch, quiche for dinner.


  1. Always wanted to see if I could ride the Falkirk wheel in my kayak.

    Sounds like an interesting trip so far.

    Hop on the Waverly she comes into Dunoon a couple times a weeks.

  2. Albert? It sounds like some kind of horrible journey you're on. No idea why you'd want to leave yon desert for all this aggravation! Hotboy p.s. I've got a bad chest cold so don't com near me this week.

  3. Nanners. Isn't the Waverley the one that crashes?

    Hotters. The only thing wrong with NSC is that the auld freins dinnae live there, ken? If the mountain (no offence) won't come to Albert .... Thanks for the warning re the consumption. Together with the leprosy you really need a bell now.

  4. I say!

    How many 'No Spitting' signs were there?

    MM III

  5. As far as I know she is less prone to the crashes than the ferry. But I don't always pay attention.

  6. Mingers. I was careful always to go outside to spit.