Sunday, July 1

hotel party people

Last night, the people from the rooms down the hall partied till dawn. Tonight they seem to have ended their revels early. Maybe they're planning an early start tomorrow morning, but even if they're not, they can rest assured they'll be getting an early morning wake up call from Albert.

PS - after wondering if I had perhaps imagined the airbag on the plane, I found some details here:


  1. Albert? I'm sure you wouldn't do that being such a nice boy. Hotboy p.s. You should have asked for an invite!

  2. I say!

    I recommend a rousing early morning rendition of 'Jerusalem'. If anyone complains, tell them it is your religion, as a cricketer. They can't touch you if you have religion. You can get away with almost anything if it's your religion. If that fails, get your bat from under your bed and play a forward defensive.

    It's always worked for me.

    MM III

  3. I hope you managed to get them to quiet or at least make lots of morning noise. The down side of living around other human beings.

  4. Hotters. I wouldn't but Albert Hyde would.

    Mingers. Or what about a game of one-man cricket in the corridor, with stumps drawn on their door?

    Nanners. In the event, I forgot all about it in the morning.