Saturday, July 28

help for jet setters

Thanks to a delayed take off from Edinburgh I missed my connection and am stranded in Dusseldorf airport for 4 hours. As a result I won't get to the pension fund till midnight.

Though I feigned outrage at the transfer desk in order to get a free meal voucher out of them, I don't really mind hanging about. In a sense, all life is just waiting around for death and it doesn't really matter where you wait, so long as you're comfortable and can get online.

If you're a smoker, being trapped in a smokeless zone is a trial, but you can still enjoy an e-fag.


  1. Albert? I'm not surprised you're having a horrible time. Carrying yourself around the world however lightly. Just ask God for help. That works for some protestants. Hope this helps. Hotboy

  2. Hotters. I'm never that desperate. PS are you saying god doesn't help tims? Surely that's discrimination!

  3. Sorry you missed a connection, but good on you for getting a meal out of them. I've spent a few nights sleeping on airport floors. Not so fun.

    Interesting way to pander to folks additions and make a boat load of money in the process. Sad really.

    Hope your trip back goes well.

  4. Thanks Nanners. Addictions are all rather sad. Except tea of course.