Saturday, July 14

inside the empire

Quite honestly, the best part of my NY visit has been watching Seinfeld every night in bed, now that I recognize many of the locations/scenarios.

Though New Yorkers can be a bit abrasive, they're a breeze compared with the imperial border guards waiting for Albert when he entered the country by car. Clerks in flak jackets administered the Abu Graib treatment (a homeopathic dose). Unnecessary bastardry. If that's how they treat legitimate visitors, you wouldn't want to be on the receiving end of their heroics in afghanistan.

At the start of the flight to NY, I enjoyed watching the pantomime of Americans boarding and getting seated. Slow-motion chaos, thanks to the bulky passengers and their massive "carry on" luggage. They have some kind of constitutional right to take all their baggage in the cabin with them, and the resulting jam in the aisle was almost Marx Brothers.

Checked in almost 4 hours early for the flight out of JFK, so as to make a proper dent in the free lounge food and drink. They have real cooked vegetables! The last ones I had were in NSC.


  1. Albert? Are you in New York? What are you doing there? Hotboy

  2. I find traveling to be less and less pleasant to be honest. The fact that we are all treated like criminals "for our own safety" is outrageous and insulting.

    I wonder how long it will be before folks stop traveling to avoid the hassle and the travel companies finally put enough pressure on the government to lighten up.

    Airlines are charging for everything now days. So folks take carry on to avoid extra charges.

  3. I say!

    How many of them were in full batting protective gear? All that kit can take up quite a lot of space. They should have changed into their blazers to travel to the next match.

    MM III

  4. Hotters. Nothing to write home about.

    Nanners. Agreed re travel as a turn off. Re charging for luggage, I hadn't thought of that as their motivation for taking everything in the cabin, but you're right as usual. I loved it when Ryanair was going to charge for using the toilets until they realized some passengers would then pee in their seats.

    Mingers, does the wicket keeper wear padding and a mesh mask like in baseball? That could help in a plane crash.

  5. The security gurd in Capitol Hill are far worst.

  6. I would never travel Ryanair again. They advertize cheap fares, but all the additional charges cancel that out in a hurry. The whole trapping folks in a flying tube and then charging them to use the toilet is beyond outrageous. You are right folks would just pee in the cabin.

  7. Chatters. You mean they treat their own citizens that way too?

    Nanners. I would.